Safety Scissors and Glitter

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Having an iPad or a phone to read fic when at school or away from your computer is such a luxury.

Back in my day I printed put a chapter of an updated fic in the morning so I could read it that day at school.

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Klaine Fic: Oh So Quiet

Kurt and Blaine and babies and bowties! Pure sickly sweet fluff! ~1300 words

It’s quiet.

Too quiet.

Not that Blaine doesn’t appreciate it. As soon as Rosie was out of the noisy, screaming stage, along came Olivia and took her place. Even then, Rosie was still so chatty they never got a minute’s peace, which is why the silence now felt so odd. Blaine occasionally wished for silence, but he always found it disconcerting when he got it. It meant someone was hurt or upset or unconscious… either way, it meant something was wrong. He’s been told not to question peace and quiet when it happens, but he decides to investigate anyway – Rosie might have invented a new game or drawn a picture or be hiding somewhere, and she would definitely need sustenance. Blaine finishes cutting up peanut butter sandwiches, apples and brownies and balances three plates on his arm before going upstairs (Kurt would figure out where they were when he was out of the shower. God bless lazy Sundays where the four of them could just be at home together).

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